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Oliver Bernsen was born, lives, and works in Los Angeles. From a family of self-taught craftsmen, he learned ingenuity and an understanding of what it takes to pursue an idea, “figure it out,” and in the process, learn new ways to create work that floats freely between mediums. Whether in painting, photography, film, or sculpture, this freedom informs his work, allowing him to pursue ideas utilizing a myriad of tools to render his vision.


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Dan Magnante is a Los Angeles native. He graduated from Syracuse University and began his career in entertainment at 3 Arts Entertainment. He now works in TV and Film Development and Production in Los Angeles and scouts comedy talent.



Trevor Wineman is a director of photography based in Los Angeles, CA.


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Ari Balouzian was born and raised in Los Angeles and classically trained at a young age on violin and viola at the Colburn School.
He became very interested in the way that music affects film after seeing “The Shining” in 7th grade and started experimenting with improvisation in junior high in addition to classical training. He started scoring a lot of film student projects at NYU, USC, UCLA and Emerson and developed a real love for putting music to picture. 


Balouzian’s scores (doc, feature and short film) have played at international festivals like Cannes, Locarno, Clermont Ferrand, JeonJu (Korea), etc. He also won a Telly for best music in a regional Coke commercial in 2012.


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